West Columbia Police Kick Off “Fan the Heat” Project

By June 17, 2015 Headlines

(West Columbia, S.C.)- The West Columbia Police Department is kicking off the 2015 “Fan the Heat” project for the citizens of the City West Columbia. The project, which began several years ago, is responsible for providing hundreds of fans to those in need.

Chief Dennis Tyndall stated,”This initiative is vital to our community. There are so many people who are vulnerable to the oppressive heat that we deal with in this area. We try very hard to help those who are homebound to make their lives more comfortable as summer approaches, especially our elderly and those with medical conditions.”

If you would like to donate a new fan or if you need a fan, contact Lt. John Norman at 936-6280. Tax deductible financial contributions should be made to the West Columbia Police Officers’ Foundation.

For additional information, contact Captain Scott Morrison 939-3187.