Sanitation Schedule for the Week of New Years

By December 30, 2019 Headlines

Sanitation Schedule for the week of New Years

Due to the high volume of recycling from the holidays, we’re adding recycling pickup to these routes this week:

Tuesday and Thursday Routes: Garbage AND Recycling
Pickup Schedule
Monday Route – Pickup Monday – Household Garbage and Recycling
Tuesday Route – Pickup Tuesday – Household Garbage and Recycling
Wednesday Route – Pickup Thursday – Household Garbage and Recycling
Thursday Route – Pickup Friday – Household Garbage and Recycling

For more information, visit or call 803-791-1880.

As a reminder: Do not mix household trash, yard trash, or recyclable items. Each is collected separately.

Yard Trash
· Yard trash may be bagged or placed at the roadside in loose piles.
· Burning trash is prohibited within the city limits.
· Limbs must be broken or trimmed to a manageable size, not exceeding six (6) feet in length or six (6) inches in diameter.
· The city reserves the right to limit the amount of trash picked up for any property and DOES NOT remove yard trash from lot clearing activities.
· Removal of debris from home construction, repairs or remodeling is the responsibility of the contractor or the property owner.
· The city will collect certain discarded appliances by special request. Please call Customer Service at (803) 791-1880 for information about disposal
or to schedule collection.

Recycling– Styrofoam and Wrapping Paper are NOT recyclable but, the following items are being collected for recycling:
· Plastic bottles and containers (no motor oil)
· Newspapers, magazines, and cardboard
· Glass food and beverage containers
· Aluminum and steel cans