City of West Columbia Rolls Out “Public Works of Art”

By July 13, 2021Good News

West Columbia, SC (Tuesday, July 13, 2021, at 8:22 AM) – The City of West Columbia has launched its “Public Works of Art” project highlighting local artists on sanitation trucks. Over the next few weeks, all seven mobile murals will be on display as the trucks move throughout the City completing sanitation routes.

Artists Trahern Cook, Laura Day, Ija Charles, Christine Lutfy Crawford, and Michael Cassidy’s work is showcased on the mobile murals. The local artists were asked to create pieces highlighting West Columbia. The Graphics Source was chosen from a Request for Proposals to transfer the artwork to the trucks. The entire collection and more information about each artist can be found on the City’s website

Mayor Tem Miles said, “We are blessed to have so many talented artists in our area who are willing to contribute to public art. I am so excited that soon many of their pieces of art will be displayed on sanitation trucks as they move about our City.”

Public Works Director Jamie Hook stated, “I hope the mural art brings the residents out to communicate and build better relationships with our wonderful City employees and brings awareness to all of the wonderful spaces and places in West Columbia.”

Artist Trahern Cook aka “Easel Cathedral’s” work on one of the trucks: