Reserve Officers

The West Columbia Police Department has a proud tradition with it’s reserve officer program that began in 1974. Then Chief Vernon Boatwright and soon to be reserve officer, Don Imbody spearheaded the charge. After obtaining the approval of City Council, an ad was made in the paper for twelve volunteers. The original group was unarmed, until another jurisdiction lost a reserve in the line of duty.

Since that time, Reserve Lieutenant Bobby Sharpe received the Order of the Palmetto for over thirty years as a reserve officer for the City of West Columbia. These volunteers complete an extensive training program. They must meet the same qualifications as that of a regular sworn patrol officer. This includes having a high school education, be at least 21 years of age, have no criminal record, have a valid SC driver’s license, have a drug free background, undergo a background investigation, and be physically fit. Upon completion, these volunteers serve to enhance patrol services for the department by working alongside regular patrol officers in an enforcement capacity to provide enhanced manpower.

Reserve officers are required to complete a minimum of sixty hours of service per quarter in order to retain their certification. Our continued success in the reserve officer program is based on the quality of officers who volunteer their time. For information concerning the reserve officer program, contact Sergeant Marion Boyce at 803-939-3182.