Façade Improvement Grant Program

The City of West Columbia’s Façade Improvement Grant (WCFIG) has been designed to encourage enhancement and investment to the overall revitalization of West Columbia. This program provides grant funds to finance exterior improvements to a property owner’s or tenant’s commercial building that will be aesthetically pleasing and complementary to local design guidelines. The eligible area for this program is the Gateway Overlay District, which consists of portions of Meeting Street, Jarvis Klapman Boulevard, Sunset Boulevard, and State Street.

The program provides for a one-time reimbursement, up to $10,000 maximum, per building. There are two tiers of funding levels. Businesses spending up to $9,999 in improvements can be provided with a 50/50 reimbursement totaling up to $2,500 maximum. Businesses spending $10,000 and above in improvements can be provided with a 50/50 reimbursement totaling up to $10,000 maximum. Only eligible façade improvements will be considered for funding.

Eligible Expenditures/Activities: Façade renovation activities must involve the general upgrading of a building’s external appearance. Façade program funding is to be used for permanent exterior visual improvements to storefronts and is not to be used for structural repairs. Permanent exterior improvements that are eligible include:

• Masonry repairs and tuck-pointing
• Repair/replace/preserve (including the exposure and cleaning) historically significant architectural details
• Storefront modification or reconstruction
• Cornice repair & exterior trim work
• Exterior painting and repairs to the finishes of original buildings
• Awnings and canopies
• Window and door repair or replacement
• Permanent exterior signage
• Permanent exterior lighting
• Repair/replacement of gutters and downspouts
• Decking and stairs
• Window bar removal
• Parking Lots
• Side and rear building façades where improvements will serve to remove blight

*Facade District

Fats, Oils, and Grease (FOG) Program

The City of West Columbia has developed a Fats, Oils, and Grease (FOG) Grant Program to assist existing Food Service Industries who work with this type of material and need to upgrade their existing apparatus in order to prevent FOG from entering the City’s sewer system per EPA Standards. This program provides up to $5,000 in reimbursable grant funds to finance up to date appropriate sized grease traps or interceptors. The program is designed to help offset some of the costs of the upgrades. This program is a 50/50 match reimbursement program up to the $5,000 maximum and shall be administered on a first come first serve basis until available funding is expended.

The following expenses are eligible for reimbursement through this grant program:

  • Installation of upgraded grease traps
  • Installation of upgraded grease interceptors

*All improvements must meet the approval of the Director of Planning, Engineering and Water Plants as well as the City Building Official. Application approval must be given before funds can be expended. If you have questions regarding the application or guidelines please contact the Grants Administrator, grants@westcolumbiasc.gov.

*FOG Application
*Sizing Guidelines

Learn more about what FOG can do to your pipes: WATCH

The Home Depot Foundation Grant

The purpose of this grant is to construct handicap accessible ramps for disabled citizens with a focus on disabled veterans. This is a one-time grant program filled on a first come first serve basis. If the applicant is a ramp recipient, hold harmless waivers must be signed before construction commences.


Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits discrimination, in part, on the basis of national origin in the delivery of services or benefits funded by the Federal government. Under this law, federally assisted programs must ensure their activities normally provided in English are accessible to LEP persons and thus do not discriminate on the basis of national origin in violation of Title VI’s prohibition against national origin discrimination. Executive Order 13166, “Improving Access to Services for Persons with LEP,” was signed on August 11, 2000, provides further direction, requiring that Federal agencies provide meaningful access to federally assisted programs and activities for LEP persons. In addition, the Order requires that Federal agencies create plans to provide LEP persons with meaningful access to federally conducted programs and activities.

In August 2000, the Department of Justice (DOJ) issued guidance for agencies to follow in creating plans to make Federal services, activities, and programs accessible for LEP persons. The guidance provided four factors for agencies to consider when developing their LEP plans. These factors were: (1) the number of LEP persons in the eligible service population or likely to be encountered in recipient activities and programs; (2) the frequency with which LEP persons come into contact with the program; (3) the importance of the service or information provided by the program; and (4) the resources available to the recipient of Federal funds.

Notice to the Public of Rights Under Title VI

Title VI Policy Statement

City of West Columbia Title VI and LEP Plan

Public Participation Plan 2019 Update