Riverwalk Park & Amphitheater

Looking for a venue to hold an event, marriage ceremony, concert, theater event or fundraiser? With the City of Columbia skyline and the Congaree River as your backdrop, you can add a picturesque local touch to any event. Located at the corner of Meeting Street and Alexander Road just past the Gervais Street Bridge, this venue offers:

  • Picturesque outdoor amphitheater space
  • Easy to find location
  • Ample parking
  • On-site public restrooms
  • Easy access to an array of dining and shopping options

To check the availability of the Amphitheater, please contact Colleen Otte at (803) 622-8598 or cotte@westcolumbiasc.gov. You must submit an application for rental of the West Columbia Riverwalk Amphitheater. Please download the following documents, read in their entirety, fill out the application and submit it:

Amphitheater Rental Rates and Rules
Riverwalk Rental Application
Regulations and Procedures for Sale of Alcoholic Beverages
Required General Liability Insurance (Venue ID Code: 0501-693)

West Columbia Riverwalk Park User Rules

These rules and regulations are established to ensure the fullest use and enjoyment of the West Columbia Riverwalk Park by the citizens of West Columbia and surrounding communities, which is consistent with the protection of persons, public property, and tranquility of the surrounding neighborhoods.

General Riverwalk Park hours are from dawn to dusk. Special permitted events have hours as specified by the permit. (For information on the use of the Amphitheater, see Riverwalk Amphitheater Permit Application and Guidelines at www.westcolumbiasc.gov or call (803) 622-8598.)


• The conduct of the activity proposed will not substantially interrupt the safe and orderly activity of the Riverwalk Park or the safe and orderly movement of pedestrian and vehicular traffic

• The conduct of the activity is not reasonably likely to cause injury to persons or property or to provoke disorderly conduct or create a disturbance

• No person shall play an audio device, such as TV, radio, tape, CD player, etc., at such volume as to disturb persons utilizing the park. No amplified band or group of musicians shall perform without a permit

• No person shall possess, discharge or set off any fireworks, firearms, weapons or other explosives without permission from the City Council of West Columbia

• The sale or distribution of alcoholic beverages is PROHIBITED

• No grills or other cooking apparatus are allowed

• No person shall litter – trash receptacles are provided

• No person shall carry on any commercial activity without the permission of the City Council of West Columbia

• No person shall solicit money or contributions within the Riverwalk Park without first having obtained permission from the City Council of West Columbia

• Metal detecting and/or digging in public parks/recreational areas is prohibited

• Vehicles are not permitted to stop or park except in designated parking, loading or unloading zones.

• Strict adherence to safety standards is required. In case of emergency, contact emergency services by using the Emergency Call boxes located throughout the Park. They can also be reached by calling 911.