Sewer02The City of West Columbia, Lexington County, and other local Municipalities have been tagging storm drainage catch basins since 2010. The storm drain tagging is an initiative by volunteers including high school students and professional stormwater managers to educate the communities about the dangers of polluting or illegally dumping pollutants into the storm drainage systems. The local cities and Lexington County are striving to achieve clean and healthy tributaries, rivers, and groundwater within our localities. Leaves and other debris should never be dumped into these storm drainage catch basins.

The Lexington Countywide Stormwater Consortium (LCSC) passed a resolution to join forces with Clemson University’s Carolina Clear program, Lexington County as well as other municipalities in the County to tackle stormwater issues. The goal of LCSC is to enhance water quality throughout the LCSC area through education, involvement, and outreach; and by fostering partnerships with local governments, citizens, businesses and organizations to support healthy, fishable and swimmable waterways.

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